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Branding . Packaging . UX/UI

FitDelis aims to provide delicious fitness food to the wider market. The client needed a branding to reflect their core values: fitness-food, fresh, healthy, high quality produced that doesn’t compromise on taste.

The concept of fast food has been stigmatised through its association with unhealthy ‘Junk Food’ while healthy fitness food for so many lacks imaginations or taste. So, with the help of a Michelin star chef they are trying to change that concept, why can't a burger be good food?

Target Audience

• 16 - 35 Hipster millennial on a diet but craving junk food.
• Fitness athletes that have a strict schedule of carbs, proteins etc. per day

Final Result

Branding and Packaging

The logo had to reflect different things, expressing two concepts at the same time. Firstly the FIT from fitness, secondly DELIS from delicious food. In addition, it had to be seen as lean, athletic, thin, energetic, contemporary and the challenge was to communicate those qualities with the typography.

Then I moved into the packaging printing and requesting samples for teh materials. The final version has been refined keeping the hierarchy of the typography but clarifying, even more, the nutritional information, by bringing the calories/ nutritional values to the main scene. The target audience needs to see those details at first glance, it's really important because usually they are really small or hard to find in the competitor's products.